Risk Assessment / Covid-19

Customer Profile – Risk Assessment

It is important to know my customers.  At your first treatment I will discuss health and lifestyles with you and complete a consultation form.  This is a necessary procedure to learn about you and to complete a treatment plan, taking any conditions into consideration.

Equipment – Risk Assessment

For the health and well-being of my customers, a clean, tidy and hygienic area is kept for them.  Any wax / oils used for the previous customer is disposed of and fresh materials are put out ready for the next customer.  On home visits, customers are asked if they would like to use their own laundered towels to cover theirs legs and keep their feet warm.  The portable equipment used is cleaned and checked between customers.  The bed is wide and can take up to 22 stones in weight.

Risk Assessment – Limitations

The Reflexology treatment given has its limitations

I do not:

– Diagnose diseases or conditions

– Prescribe medication

– Go beyond my training

– Offer ‘extra services’ This would be a breach in contract, the treatment would immediately end and would be reported to the authorities