What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle art and as a therapy falls into the realm of complementary medicine.  As such it is considered to be a holistic healing technique that aims to treat the individual as a whole in order to induce a state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

A vast majority of us teeter on the edge of ill health, a state of disease and imbalance and often find it difficult to deal with the stresses of day to day life.  Our potential for perfect health is often bombarded by various negative forces.  There is, however, the potential in each of us to reach a balanced state which will enable us to enjoy health and vitality.

Many modern ills cannot be cured by artificial medication.  If given a chance, the body can go a long way towards healing itself.  We must learn to support and nurture our body’s own healing powers, not suppress them.

Reflexology helps to do this by activating the body’s own healing powers and working to re-establish the equilibrium necessary for normal function.

Our feet are often neglected as we cram them daily into ill fitting shoes and place unnecessary strains on them.  They bear our weight, cope with bad posture and generally take a severe beating on their path through life.  They connect us to the ground.  They are in contact with the Earth and the energies that flow through it.

The feet act as a mirror of our body and are laid out in the same arrangement in the feet.  This pattern also occurs in the hands.

The goal of reflexology is to trigger a state of equilibrium by releasing areas of blocked energy.  Reflexology can help with:

  • Reduces stress and induces deep relaxation
  • Improves circulation
  • Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities
  • Balances the whole system – homeostasis
  • Revitalises our energy
  • Stimulated the body’s immune system
  • Helps to relieve pain

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Reflexology is NOT:

  • A massage
  • A medical treatment or replacement for one
  • A way to diagnose disease
  • A system to prescribe medication or adjust it

Professional reflexology serves to establish which areas of the body are out of balance and with the aid of a treatment, correct these imbalances.  A balanced energy flow should have no blockages.  The therapist, by use of fingers, explores the tone and texture of the feet and releases the blockages.

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INDIVIDUALS                 *30 mins     45mins    60mins

Reflexology                        £25.00       £40.00      £45.00

Swedish Massage             £25.00       £40.00      £45.00

Deep Tissue                      £25.00       £40.00      £45.00

Advanced Anatomy        £30.00       £40.00      £45.00

Reflexology/Massage     £30.00       £40.00      £45.00

Lunchtime Seated          £25.00


*Reflexology and/or Massage         £40.00 p/h

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

*all 30 minute treatments are offered for a minimum of 2 people

* Couples and Group Bookings minimum 2 hours

Gift Vouchers, Loyalty Reductions and Referral Reductions also available

Home visits are a minimum 45 minutes + mileage outside Swindon.  Extra time is needed to set up and pack away.