Deep Tissue Massage

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is the massage of tissues buried below the top layer.

Small amounts of oils are used in order for the muscles to be grabbed and hooked to lengthen and stretch them.  This technique also separates muscle compartments.

Deep tissue massage is offered to sports people who would benefit muscle tension release in order for them to help increase their strength and flexibility.

What are the benefits?

Movements of massage are slower and sometimes shorter, increasing the release of tension in the muscles.  This deeper muscle massage improves movement and function by better alignment of the muscles and less restrictions of the joints.

This massage promotes positive change in the structure of the body better rather than the relaxing Swedish massage.

Where do I massage?

This massage is offered at the clients home, sports meetings and events.

The areas on the body we massage include the back, glutes, legs, shoulders and neck.


45 – 60 minutes



Materials included: Clean Towels, Face protection, Cleaning materials plus supporting equipment to make your massage more comfortable

** Prices include up to 5 miles from Covingham, Swindon, however for large bookings / events further afield, please contact me to discuss

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